Our World 

The Legend of Klezendri

Millions of years ago far in the depths of space, the great Cosmic Amber Dragon, Klezendri, was the protector of thousands of universes.  She flew among asteroids and through blackholes and countless planets filled with the possibility of life. As the Legend goes, there was one small planet that Kelzendri claimed as her favourite. She would regularly visit that universe just to watch over the small little planet. 

   During one of her visits, she realized that her little planet was getting too close to the Three Suns, and knew it wouldn’t survive. To keep her little planet safe, she moved it away from the three suns and wrapped herself around it; swearing to protect her little planet forever. 

    Over the course of time, the little planet and Klezendri became one. She gave her magic and energy to the little planet and it began to create life. The source of magic of this world comes from the Great Amber Dragon’s power. When the first humanoids and monsters roamed the earth, the Amber Volcano found in Zaphyra in Drahginal was thought to be the breath of Klezendri herself. The Volcano was active for what is thought to be thousands of years and then suddenly became inactive. The inactivity marked the first year, AD1. Those who still worship the Amber Dragon Klezendri await the day where Klezendri awakens again.


The History of Zaphya

 Zaphyra is a country located on the continent of Yorkk in the world of Klezendri. 

Long ago, Zaphyra was a land of magic and wonder! Every child and adult, every class and race studied the intricacies of the world of incantation, enchantment, and cantrips. Magic was deeply rooted in the day-to-day life of Zaphyra and was what kept the marvels of this land going. 

  However, the great Dragonborn necromancer, Vorythax The Grimm, had other ways to toy with these majestic properties. Opening a gateway to the Nine Hells, Vorythax gathered an army of the undead, demons and fiends alike to wreak havoc. Terror and fear spread across Zaphyra like a wildfire; countless lives were lost to the dark tyranny of the necromancer and his army. But the people of Zaphyra would not back down. The most trained, intelligent magi assembled together to create the legendary Order of the Blue Flame. 

   After years of constant war and hardship on Zaphyra, on the 9th day of Flora IE27, the Order successfully banished the necromancer’s army back to the Nine Hells and imprisoned Vorythax in the fiery pits with them. After decades of war waged on the land, Zaphyra was in ruins. In response to this, The Order and the King, Irix Ezra, wrote the Declaration of the Mage. This decree insisted that the study of magic be limited to only those proven worthy and are specifically chosen by The Order of the Blue Flame. 

   All books, schools, and resources on magic that were once available to Zaphyra were quickly confiscated and taken into the possession of The Order to protect the lives of their people. Those that are chosen by the Order are taken to hidden temples to study and train under the greatest of magi’s; from genius professors to the descendants and students of the original Order, the Order consistently produces the best of the best… and the only. 

   Since the majority of the population of Zaphyra were left with nothing, Kaylah Kinan, an original Order member, took it upon herself to gift the citizens with the knowledge of the artifice and tinker; allowing them to rebuild and advance their home.

   As time has gone by, magic has become something gifted only to the worthy. The Order began as legendary warriors, to secret magic societies, to what they have become today… The greatest fandom of Zaphyra.

The new members of the Order of the Blue Flame are now known as “The Blues”, a superhero team composed of the most intelligent, brave, and inspiring magi’s of the land! The Blues work hand in hand with law enforcement and other organizations to keep the streets clean, free of villains and the Scarlet Eye,  and unworthy citizens illegally studying magic.

   The civilians worship the Order of the Blue Flame the same as they did all those years ago.

They are the heroes of the land that allow Zaphyra to grow and prosper today.